Joyce Gibson

Our all-time favorite. Hands down. There have been many fantastic big-bust models over the years, but none match up to Joyce Gibson, a.k.a. Joyce Mandel. Her career lasted almost 30 years, but was interrupted by two long retirements; fortunately for her many fans, they were only temporary. Born on March 10th, 1950, Joyce’s figure modeling debut occurred at the age of 18 in the March 1969 issue of MODERN MAN; she was an immediate sensation. Dozens of magazine layouts followed during the next five years. She featured in several films, including “Street of a Thousand Pleasures” (1970), “Wham Bam, Thank You Spaceman” (1973), “Chesty Anderson, USN” (1975), and “The Baltimore Bullet (1980)”. Often credited as Joyce Gibson (the name we usually list her under), her spectacular figure and dark, exotic beauty were unrivaled, as were her 40DD breasts which seemed to epitomize the definition of perfection.

Joyce’s first retirement, in the middle 1970s, ended with a single layout in the June 1979 issue of OUI; again, she was an immediate sensation. Her stunning looks were, if anything, improved: Joyce’s previously rather thin frame had developed and transformed, her breasts were considerably larger than they were a few years earlier, and she had filled out into a breathtakingly voluptuous woman. But Joyce promptly retired again and disappeared from the public eye. For almost fourteen years she stayed hidden. . .

Until 1993, when she reappeared again as Alexis Love, “the ultimate mature woman,” primarily in SCORE and VOLUPTUOUS magazines. And once again, she was an immediate sensation. Gone was the silky brunette mane that had become her trademark and in its place was a rather hokey-looking blonde wig. One thing that was far from hokey, however, was her stunning figure, which had now blossomed into almost unfathomable proportions. Although she was now in her middle forties, Joyce unbelievably was as fit and trim as she was when she started modeling, and her breasts had grown to what looked to be about five times their previous size. They were HUGE! Not only were they big, they had amazingly kept their perfect shape and buoyancy from Joyce’s modeling days 25 years earlier. She was a true miracle of biology. Joyce attributed her mammoth growth to a “hormone shift,” but many people assumed she had gotten implants. She was steadfast in her assertion that they were real and even went so far as to have them certified 100% real by the UCLA Medical Center. We have seen Joyce in person and have also watched her videos, and we can attest with virtual certainty that Joyce’s breasts are 100% real.